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Vectra VX-FT2 Functional Trainer

Sports, work, and daily activities all involve movement, and this movement originates in the "core" or muscles of the mid-section. This is why "functional training" and "core training" go hand in hand. Make Vectra your partner in TRAINING FOR LIFE with the VX-FT 2 stack functional trainer. Functional training is an effective way to improve your quality of life and can play an important role in achieving your specific goals, including losing weight, enhancing physical performance, and reducing risk of injury. Further, sports specific training with a Vectra sports handle (seen above) improves your game by building directly applicable strength, improving muscle memory and developing a more solid core.

Versatility, smooth / reliable operation and convenience are the measure of a functional trainer, and on all counts the VX-FT machines are unsurpassed. With pulley arms that adjust simply with one lever from 6 inches to 7 feet above the floor and from 8 inches to over 8 feet apart, these machines are setting new expectations in the strength training field. The commercially rated VX-FT 2 stack is known for smooth and reliable operation, thanks to quality components such as stainless linear polished guide rods, ball bearings, and precision machined weight stacks.

Body ResiStability™ strength training is body weighted resistance training combined with stabilization and balance. By varying the position and angle of the body relative to gravity, Body ResiStability™ multiplies exercise variety and allows the user to change the resistance level. Traditional "against gravity" exercises have long had their roles in training. Think push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups, even stair climbing.