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Reactive Sling Shot by Mark Bell

The Reactive Sling Shot ®  is a great tool for all lifters wanting to add pounds to their bench press, work through an injury, or reinforce proper technique. The proprietary material is calibrated to provide critical support for both weighted and body weight movements.


  • Level 1 tension elastic ideal for any lifter
  • Allows you to press approximately 5-10% more weight than your max
  • Light support at the bottom of the movement
  • Flexible construction responds well for various exercises


  • Available in sizes: S/M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Available in colors: Blue, Pink
  • Can be used with any load
  • US Patent Numbers 8,771,155 and 9,265,983


After working with the Original Sling Shot for over a year, Mark Bell realized we needed a different level of stimulus and assistance. This led to the creation of the Reactive Sling Shot, made to be the least assistive Sling Shot to allow more versatility in your training.