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IronMaster Leg Attachment for Super Bench

This attachment allows you to do leg extensions and leg curls with the Super Bench. Very heavy duty design and construction with bearing action and works with either Standard weight plates or Olympic plates with the included Olympic sleeve adapter.
  • 200 lbs load rating.
  • Also works on all the previous models of the Ironmaster self spotting machine benches.
  • Most customers use larger Standard or Olympic weight plates on this attachment since you can only fit up to 100 lbs of the small Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates on it.
  • Notes: Some older Quick-Lock dumbbell plates prior to 2011 may not fit the plate holder due to the close tolerances on the center holes of the plates. 4" x 7" heavy duty foam roller pads can be set in two positions for longer or shorter legs. Due to the flat height of the Super Bench, users over 6'2" may have a floor clearance constraint. The Bench can be rotated up a notch to get more clearance and a 3” block of wood can be used under the support foot if necessary when heavy weights are used.
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