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Body Bar 4' Flex

The Body Bar FLEX is perfect for those just beginning an exercise program and for those hoping to increase range of motion while building strength. It can be used for traditional strength and flexibility routines; sport-specific exercises (enhancing both strength and flexibility) for golf, baseball, and basketball; rehab/physical therapy; Yoga and Pilates. You will build flexibility and balance at the same time. Using controlled movement, you will strengthen the core (lower back and abdominal muscles) which will stabilize your body and give you the functional range of motion and balance needed for everyday movement.

Its light weight makes it ideal for use by kids and seniors. But, The Body Bar FLEX is a great tool for anyone who wants to stay active, strong, and independent.

The Body Bar FLEX® (U.S. Patents 7,704,198 and 7,112,16 uses the same easy grip rubber as the Original Body Bar, but contains a fiberglass rod which allows the bar to flex. Ideal for balance, flexibility, and resistance training.
It is a graceful and easy-to-use exercise device. Incorporating standing, seated, and floor exercises, individuals can tone and stretch all major muscle groups.