Bells Of Steel Wall/Ceiling Pull-Up Bar

Designed with kipping pull ups in mind, extending 33″ out from the wall to provide kipping room for even the biggest titans. The flush bolting to the support brackets so there is no play or movement, just a solid fixture that will take any weight up to 400kg. The chin bar can also be mounted on the ceiling for a vertical drop.

• 31″ from wall
• 48″ wide (from hole to hole)
• 20” Vertical wall attach bracket
• 6 bolts supplied with each cell. Installation of bolts require a masonry drill-bit and socket
• Diamond knurling

Bells of Steel & Aloyd Fitness Equipment are not responsible for the integrity of the installation. Seek advice from the appropriate professionals as to the structural strength of the wall you are assembling to. Failure to install correctly could result in serious injury!