Bells Of Steel 3.0 Residential Power Rack

A perfect Power Rack to compliment your home gym, at an affordable price that doesn’t compromise quality.

We get it; you’re on a budget. Every dollar saved is a chicken breast earned. Well, we have you covered my friend. The “true grit” of power racks. Nothing but the basics and at an awesome price.

The 3rd update to the rack includes the following upgrades designed by owner Kaevon Khoozani:

  1. Upgraded j-cups with a curved design protective padding that minimizes damage your bar.
  2. Fat/skinny multi-grip chin up bar for additional grip work.
  3. Pin holes to ensure easy adjustability.

Here is a breakdown of the major benefits realized from using a power rack.

1. No Need for a Spotter
If you train alone, it’s imperative that you do so safely. When exercising there should never be any hesitation in dumping a loaded bar. Your safety is the number one priority. The safety catches allow you to do this, saving your health, and preventing any serious damage to your floor.

2. Confidence booster
Safety doesn’t just keep you from getting hurt; it creates the peace of mind that comes from that. That is, you can add that extra weight to the bar or attempt to push through one more rep because you don’t need to worry about getting pinned under the barbell.

3. Target a Specific Range of Motion
Since you can adjust the safety bars to any height, power racks give you the ability to precisely train any part of your lift.
For instance, if you want to work on the top part of your deadlift pull, you can set the pins to a specific height.

4. Wide Range of Exercises
Bench, squat and chin ups are the main exercises you can do, and by adding the optional cable attachment you can do triceps press downs, lat pull downs, seated rows and more.

Gauge 12
Total width 1488 58.58
Total Depth 1227 48.31
Total Height 2141 84.29
J hook to J hook 1117.6 44
Weight Capacity 318kg 700lbs
Weight 65kg 144lbs
Hole Spacing 55 2.17
Tubing 50 1.97
Depth with lat attachment 60″