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Bodyguard W45 Rower

Brand new for 2016, the W-45 Rower introduces a wide range of never before seen comfort and performace features.

The W-45 rower features a blue LCD display consisting of a 16 x 8 dot profile surrounded by information windows showing the parameters of the exercise under way and a message center at the bottom of the screen that scrolls information during and after a workout.Power : Plug-In 120VAC

The W-45 console has 25 different programs sorted into 6 categories. Each category provides a different type of training that affects the body in a different way. 


The 6 different program categories are  Manual, Race, Profile, Watt, HRC & User (Custom).


The  Manual Program allows users to set a workout goal (Time, Distance, Calories or Strokes) prior to commencing the workout.


The  Race Program allows you to preset the speed of an opposition rower (PC) and then compete against them over a desired distance. The Race program provides excellent motivation as the console displays flashing dots to represent the rowers as they race cross the screen during the workout. 


The  Profile Program category consists of 12 preset workout profiles that automatically change the resistance intensity throughout the program. The user can select a desired goal for the workout, which will be equally divided up into the 16 segments on the profile. There are a range of Interval and Hill simulations including in this category.


The  Watts Program allows the user to preset a level of effort to maintain for the entire workout. During the program the resistance intensity is automatically adjusted based on the stroke rate and power to ensure the user maintains the desired level until the workout goal is met. The Watts program adjusts the resistance intensity in the same way the HRC program does except it uses the Watts parameter as opposed to the Pulse parameter to determine when to make intensity changes. This makes the Watts program a great alternative to HRC training for users who do not have or like wearing a wireless Heart Rate chest strap.


The  Heart Rate Control (HRC) Program allows the user to preset a desired pulse level (Target Heart Rate) to maintain throughout the entire workout. During the program the resistance intensity is automatically adjusted to ensure the Target Heart Rate is maintained until the workout goal is met. The user’s pulse is monitored via a wireless heart rate chest strap transmitter, which must send a continuous signal throughout the program.


The 5  User (Custom) Programs allow the user to design their own program profile so they can complete a customized workout. The 16 segments can be preset to desired resistance intensity levels and stored for later use.

W-45 Rower General Specifications

Safety & Comfort


Folding Design

Easy Fold & Roll (4 Wheels)


Ergonomic Rear Raised

Seat Height

19.5” / 50 cm

Seat Travel

39” / 99 cm

Foot Plate

Adjustable – 7 Position

Heel Rest

Flexible Heel Lift

Pedal Straps

Heavy-Duty Quick Lock/Release

Console Neck

Pivoting Viewing Angle


Ergonomic Comfort Grip



Mechanical Features



Steel (Rust Resistant Powder Coating)

Central Beam (Seat Track)

Anodized Aluminum

Support Legs

Wide Base Triangular

Fan Shroud

Sound Suppressing


Industrial Double Sealed Bearings

Resistance Type

Dual Air & Magnetic


1” / 2.5 cm Wide Reinforced Nylon

Cord Housing

Fully Enclosed



Technical Features


Unit Power

Plug-in 120VAC


Blue LCD

Display Feedback

Calories, Calories/Hour, Distance, Level , Pulse (Heart Rate), Strokes, Strokes/Minute, Time, Time/500m, Time/500m (Avg.), Watts, Watts (Avg.)

Total Programs


Custom Programs


Heart Rate Control Programs


Wireless Heart Rate

Yes (Chest Strap required)

Heart Rate Recovery Test

Yes (via Wireless Heart Rate)



Weights & Dimensions


User Weight Capacity

350 lbs / 158 kg

Product Weight

83 lbs  / 37.5 kg

Box Weight

102 lbs / 46.3 kg

Product Dimensions

(L x W X H inches)

97 x 18 x 43

Product Dimensions

(L x W X H cm)

246 x 45 x 108

Folded Dimensions

(L x W X H inches)

54 x 18 x 62

Folded Dimensions

(L x W X H cm)

136 x 45 x 158

Box Dimensions

(L x W X H inches)

57 x 29 x 13

Box Dimensions

(L x W X H cm)

146 x 73 x 32



Commercial Warranty*





5 Years


2 Years



Interference Standards


FCC + ICES-003

Resistance : Dual Air & Magnetic

Seat Height : 19.5" (50 cm)
Pedal Straps : Premium Quick Lock/Release
Cord : Maintenance Free Nylon
Max. user Weight : 350 lbs (158 kg)
Folded Dimensions : 54"L x 18"W (136 x 45 cm)