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Sling Shot Grippy Hip Circle

Like it’s name implies, the Grippy has a tacky rubber contact strip along the inside to ensure it doesn’t ride up or slip down during training.  The Grippy allows you to target your warm ups and activate different muscles by moving it up and down your leg.  Whether squatting, deadlifting or even doing lunges, the Grippy’s got you covered.


  • Level 3 elastic to support targeted lower body warm-ups
  • Rubber stripes on the interior keep the hip circle where you want it
  • Great for glute activation prior to or during training
  • Can be used for lower body accessory movements
  • Durable band will not snap during use like traditional bands
  • Will not roll up on itself during use


  • Available in sizes: S/M, L/XL
  • Available in colors: Black, Orange