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June 18, 2017

Here at Aloyd we try to stay ahead of curve in the fitness industry. We're constantly bringing in new and revolutionary products to ensure our customers have access to any tool needed for reaching their goals. In this edition of "Products Of The Week", we'll go over four of our favorite therapy products that can help you treat injuries, improve mobility and restore tissue quality.

Tiger Tail Happy Muscles Guide ($24.99):

The ultimate self-help guide for trigger point therapy and SMR techniques. Improving tissue quality and mobility is just like any other kind of training, you need to have a plan of attack in order to make any distinct changes. Many trainees spend countless hours trying to release or massage painful areas, never realizing that the cause of the problem is usually upstream or downstream of where the pain is being referred to. Tiger Tail's Happy Muscles Guide Book takes the guess work out of pain relief and instructs users on what points to target. The book covers some basic techniques, information about muscle and nervous tissue, and offers brilliant easy to follow diagrams for every area of the body. This product is truly a one stop shop for pain-relief, and will put an end to hours of searching the internet for help. 

Hyperice Hyperphere ($249.99):

The next generation of therapy products is here! The Hyperice Hypersphere offers the best in localized vibration therapy. While myofacial therapy balls can help the body stay loose, adding three levels of high frequency vibration takes the experience to another level. Digital circuitry combined with a lithium ion battery provide two hours of usage. At 5" in diameter the Hypersphere easily fits in your gym bag and is perfect for targeting those smaller areas that you can't quite reach with a foam roller. Hyperice even backs it with a one year warranty. Though it's relatively expensive for a product in the realm of mobility tools, our customers have been extremely satisified with it's performance. Come down to the store and try one out today!

IREST Massager Mini ($249.99):

The IREST Massager Mini is a dual channel battery operated muscle stimulation system that helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains. It fits easily in your pocket and can be used simultaneously by two people at once. Various intensity and pulse settings allow the user to control the stimulus in every way. IREST backs their product with a two year warranty. The Massager Mini is also great for activation exercises, placing the pads on a specific muscle can help improve proprioception and produce a stronger contraction while peforming movements.

Rumble Roller Full & Mini ($99.99 & $69.99):

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart! Rumble Roller declares their products to be the only deep tissue massage rollers, and they definitely aren't lying. Flexible bumps work like a therapists thumbs, penetrating deeply into tissue and bringing quick relief for pain and tightness. They offer two density options, as well as a mini roller that easily fits in any gym bag. If you're someone who's looking for a more aggressive roller, the Rumble Roller is perfect for you!


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