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December 09, 2017

Looking for some great gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your family? We've compiled a list of some of our favourite new products! 

Strength & Power Friendly

Sling Shot Collection - Check out our collection of items from Mark Bell's Sling Shot line! These accessories have been a massive hit amongst strength fans. Made by powerlifters, for powerlifters.

VIKN ChalkNot all chalk is created equal. VIKN has manipulated moisture content, particle size and purity levels to create an ideal consistency. Available in blocks, bags and boxes!

Bells of Steel 4.0 RackIf you're looking for a high quality rack at a great price the Bells of Steel 4.0 is a great place to start! The safety strap design allows users to perform movements like pin-press or rack pulls without damaging their barbell. Each rack is fitted with upper and lower band pegs to exponentially increase your loading options. Laser-cut 1" spacing ensures you have the ability to set the J-Cups at an ideal height.

Mobility & Myofascial Release

HypersphereThe holy grail of mobility products. This lithium-ion powered myofascial therapy ball offers three levels of vibration but is still small and durable enough to be thrown in your gym bag! 

RAD Kit - The Rad kit truly is a therapy tool-box. Including everything you need to attack both big and small muscle groups, this package is an awesome gift for serious trainees. 

Rumble Roller - Are regular foam rollers not cutting it for you anymore?  The surface of each Rumble Roller contains specially designed bumps that are much more firm than traditional rollers, allowing users to really "dig-in" to adhesions and tight areas. 

Yoga & Pilates

Halfmoon Yoga MatsThe breathable, high-tech Eco Mat combines earth friendliness with great performance - it's durable, incredibly cushy, and has superb traction. Closed-cell technology prevents moisture absorption so it cleans easily and dries quickly, making your Eco Mat perfect for a sweaty, or gentle, practice. 

Bender Ball- Great for propping yourself into position or for incorporating into abdominal exercises. This inexpensive tool is a must for the pilates enthusiast.

Cardio Inspired

Bodyguard T-75This treadmill has a bunch of unique features. Turbo Training allows users to perform realistic intervals by increasing belt acceleration considerably. Backed by a lifetime parts warranty, the T-75 is still durable enough to be operated in a commercial setting.  This multi-award winning product sets a new standard in ergonomics and technology.  Never before has it been easier to simulate authentic training experiences such as downhill running, realistic hill climbs and high acceleration workouts while maintaining a natural runner’s feel.

Polar Devices - Polar makes a variety of HR chest straps and other wearable devices that make perfect gifts for fitness enthusiasts. Track your steps, beam your heart-rate to your favourite cardio machine or track your weightless goals in the Polar app with a bluetooth equipped scale!

Functional Fitness

Elite Force Gear SandbagsEach sandbag is made to exact standards using only military grade 1000 Denier Camo or Black Cordura with a water repellent polyurethane backing. Filled with incremental weighted sacks, the EFG bag allows users to manipulate the load to their liking. This sandbag is the most durable and option-laden product on the market today. And they're made on Vancouver Island!

Bells of Steel Wood Plyometric Box - The 3 sided wood plyo box is shaped like a rectangle, so it gives you 3 different heights in one! The box has an internal reinforcement that makes it sturdy enough to be used for box squats.

Bells of Steel Competition Kettlebells - The swiss-army knife of training tools! These competition grade kettlebells are gravity cast as one piece, which creates an excellent surface finish and superior dimensional accuracy. They will last you a lifetime.






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