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June 12, 2017

Here at Aloyd we carry multiple types of bands that are suitable for a range of different training applications. They can be used as a method of resistance, for assistance during pull-ups and dips, as a tool for stretching, and of course for various exercises and activation techniques. Bands range in price from $6.99 for a high quality circle band, to as much as $69.99 for a 230lb resistance jump-stretch band. Most seasoned trainees carry a couple different types in their gym bag, or at the very least have a few waiting at home. Today we’ll go over some of our favourite options here in the store, and great ways to utilize them to reach your goals.                                                                                                                                               

Perform Better Circle Mini-Bands ($6.99):  

Circle bands have exploded in popularity over the recent years and have become a staple in the average trainees gym bag. These bands are ideal for activation drills prior to a training session, particularly before squatting or deadlifting. Exercises such as lateral band walks, clam shells, or even banded squats help engage the muscles that provide external rotation at the hip, helping alleviate many motor pattern and postural issues relating to excessive internal rotation and anterior pelvic tilt. At $6.99 for a great quality band that can be used before every workout, the Perform Better Mini-Band is certainly something every trainee should invest in.

Aloyd Recommends: During Warm-Up - Lateral Band Walks / 5 x 10 Steps Each Direction - Circle the band just below the knee, get in a squat position and step sideways.


Jump-Stretch Bands ($19.99 - $69.99):
Jump-stretch bands were the first to break into the fitness industry,   and for good reason since they’ve become the swiss army knife of training tools. First and foremost, these bands are perfect for looping around a barbell to add progressive resistance to any barbell movement. This allows us to alter the force-velocity curve in such a way that increases resistance in the most advantageous portions of a movement, providing many benefits relating to concentric force production, rate of force development, and can even improve the stretch-shortening cycle via overspeed eccentrics. All of this while being less neurologically taxing than lifting straight weight. Needless to say these make jump-stretch bands perfect for training athletes and those who are looking to put up massive numbers in the bench, squat or deadlift.
In addition to being great for training, jump-stretch bands are great for mobility and stretching. Make stretching easier with the assistance of bands to manipulate limbs into a deeper range of motion, even apply traction to the the hip or shoulder to improve alignment of ball and socket joints. They’re also great for pre-training activation drills and shoulder maintenance. Here at Aloyd we like to use them for face-pulls prior to training, contributing greatly to proper movement in the thoracic spine, scapular mechanics, and shoulder health. We believe every gym should carry a plethora of jump-stretch bands, as they have become just as useful as the common barbell. 
Aloyd Recommends:Band Resisted Squats - Add some band tension to 30-40% of your 1-RM straight weight. Try doing multiple sets of 1-3 reps, with a focus on control during the eccentric phase and speed in the concentric phase.


VO3 Resistance Band w/ Sleeve ($22.99):
Perfect for throwing in your gym bag, and extremely durable for use outdoors or any movements that involve standing on it. These bands have handles on each end, which make them ideal for wrapping around a post to perform presses, rows, core training, etc. They’re a popular item for those who train at home or on the road, and at $22.99 for every resistance they’re a steal. The sleeve covering helps protect against abuse, and makes them popular with bootcamp members and class instructors. Their also popular with throwing athletes, often being brought along to the ballpark or tucked in a gym bag!                                                           
Aloyd Recommends: Pre/During/Post Training - Face Pulls / 3-4 x 20 - Hook the band around a post and perform face pulls, focusing on utilizing the scapula retractors and keeping both a neutral spine and head position


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