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August 07, 2017

Welcome to Aloyd's 30-Day Mobility Course! We're starting from the ground up, which means today we'll be discussing the feet and why mobility is important.

Why Is Mobility Important?

Being able to produce efficient motion is extremely important to all aspects of our life. Most notably, it helps us avoid compensation patterns that lead to pain or injury. The human body is an amazing machine that can adapt to stress in unique ways, sometimes even to a fault. Our workplace, posture, training and even leisure activities load the body with repetitive movement patterns. Without adequate mobility, these tasks are much more difficult for our bodies to accomplish and therefore force them to adapt in an effort to find the path of least resistance. This effect can have a multitude of negative health consequences, including but not limited to muscle tension, neuromuscular inhibition, strains and other soft tissue injuries. 

Today's Video

Today's Exercises

For Pronated Feet:

  1. Anterior Tibialis/Extensor SMR w/ Roller - 2 x 20-30 Seconds Each Side
  2. Towel Squeezes - 2 x 20 Each Side
  3. Bodyweight Squat w/ Active Feet - 2 x 12


For Supinated Feet:

  1. Foot SMR w/ Lacrosse Ball - 3 x 20 Seconds Each Side
  2. Ankle Dorsiflexion w/ Circle Band - 3 x 20 (3 Second Hold) Each Side
  3. Bodyweight Squat w/ Active Feet - 2 x 12





Future Considerations: Try to maintain an active foot whenever you're performing exercise of any kind, even when under load. 




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